Anita and Lolita at FIB

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday night and we're feeling alright

Here we are, last official night of FIB and being totally knackered aside, its going to be a fantastic end to an amazing 4 days. We know we havn't been filling you all in too much but it really has been overly hectic. Tuesday afternoon you will have every minuscule detail, down to the drops of sweat dripping down Dave Gahan's smooth shirtless chest. Tonight we have Madness, Depeche mode, Placebo, Deus, We Are Scientists and many many many more in store for us, and very soon, for you too, avid readers.
Thats it for now, the party on the beach is tomorrow with Queens of Noize ( who we just had a falafel wrap with, such cuties), Miss Kittin and Chloé.
Lots and lots of FIB love
Lolita and Anita

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday Night Fever

Here we are, rather hot and sticky after Orange bikes dropping off our ladies push bikes, and cycling UP HILL (yes, up hill in 30º), getting a little lost, and getting here just in time to catch the end of Morrisey. We will fill you in about tonight, tomorrow, as right now we only have about 2 minutes til Franz Ferdinand come on and there's no way Anita's about to miss them. (She has a bit of a thing for Scots - give me a Brighton Boy any day. Like one of The Kooks for instance. Or maybe they're a bit young for me...)
Lolita and Anita

Festie Footie

Well we just wobbled in off our bikes - which, incidentally we have been told we can park downstairs with the motorbikes, and therefore don't have to manoevure into the lifts vertically and up 16 floors, thank god! - after tucking in to a nice plate of paella in the shade. It took us a while to find the place, but we finally made to the Press v. Artists football match at the Polideportivo de Benicassim - to see the players leave the field! I don't know what it is we do, me and Lolita, but we always get to places just to catch the end of things. I think it's taking the whole Fashionably Late concept to an entirely different level if you ask me, but as we stroll onto the pitch (okay, into the sports centre) we don't look very fashionable at all, hair stuck to our faces under our visors, sweat pouring down our backs... It's all very rock and roll but we'd love to jump in a pool right now. We queue up for some food and drink, and are impressed by the clever people who've brought their beach umbrellas to stand under as they wait in line. We sit and chat to some German journalists, one of whom reminds Lolita so much of an old friend she can't stop gaping at him and I have to tell her to pack it in before they think she's on drugs. Not that it would be surprising considering half the people in Benicassim seem to be on something.
We say our Auf Wiedersehens and pop back on to our bikes (cue series of yelps from Moi as I mount a seriously burning seat - mental note, never leave transport in direct sunlight!!) to head back to the apartment. And here we are, settling down for a little nap - it's a Big Night tonight!
Anita and Lolita

Friday, July 21, 2006

Thank FIB it's Friday!

Well here we are on day 2 of FIB. We finally got back to the apartment yesterday way past dawn after a fantastic FIBstart. We made it on to the scene just in time to catch the lovely The Sunday Drivers walking offstage, but boogied to the tune of Howe Gelb - looking lovely in a very gangsta hat - and his choir, Sno Angel, who made us smile. A lot. But truth be told, we were far too excited anticipating the bound-to-be dramatic entrance on stage of... Scissor Sisters. And it was as expected. Paddy Boom was first on stage, in a fascinating black and white striped torero- inspired jumpsuit complete with braces over a white shirt and scarlet tie, soon to be followed by Babydaddy in traditional checked shirt and full beard. Jake Shears and Ana Matronic ran on together in matching outfits in sparkling gold. They opened with Take Your Mama Out, a perfect crowd pleaser, and sooner than not Lolita and me were dancing like mad things. Tits On The Radio was song two, and lots of touchy feely rubbing of chests ensued by Shears and Matronic. The set was jam-packed with hits from their first,self-titled album, like Mary, Laura, and Music Is The Victim, and they declared a love of Cataluña (Think they got a tad confused there!) proclaiming their first FIB concert two years ago (I was there!) to be their Best Ever and Benicassim to be their fave festie of them all. "Backstage has a pool" drawled Ana Matronic. "I love any festival that gets me wet". Cue wolfwhistles galore!
I Don't Feel Like Dancing, their new single, was an instant hit. In fact, we spied a "Temazo" banner floating above the crowds on more than one occasion during the set! After an encore, and Ana Matronic reminding the crowds of Jake Shears exhibitionism last time they hit Benicassim (on the motorola stage) - "Give the people what they want!" (He didn't though) - the band closed with Filthy/Gorgeous, which Lolita and I agreed is one of our top ten get-the-party-started tunes of all time, yelling, "We are your Scissor Sisters!", whilst making some very suggestive moves with the mic around Shears' crotch area.
We left FibStart near the end of a fab set from London's Trash Club's Erol Alkan. It seemed most of the Press had gone home to rest up for the weekend, and we had the whole of the Press seating area to share with two v. silly but hilarious English boy-journalists and two French girlies. As we shook our booties to hardcore electro mixed with rock and rap it was the perfect end to a great night. If only we hadn't had to walk all the way back!!!
Today, though, we have our bikes here, lent to us by the lovely people at Orange Bikes, and could ride here. So far tonight we've seen Babyshambles, The Walkmen, The Ordinary Boys and The Futureheads but have to rush off now to catch Pixies! or we won't get a seat and we won't be having that!
Take care peoples and do as Preston from TOB says - Drink lots of water!
Anita and Lolita

Thursday, July 20, 2006

1st day of FIB!

Here we are, in the press tent writing to you all! Our first day here as been pretty exciting, settling into our apartment, getting sunburnt (yes you all read right, all that a few posts ago warning you all to don the sun cream and i go and get myself a crab type colouring that will last more than a few days), and now we are in the air conditioned press tent typing away to our fellow fibers (and those that wanted to come, but couldnt, teehee).
So far we have seen Aldo Linares, The Sunday Drivers and Queens of NoiZe. So far pretty good! We are dying to see our all time favourites, The Scissor Sisters who are playing on the green stage at 3am.
The vibe here is amazing, people are already a little wiffy, but smells aside, everyone looks fantastic (lots of great black bob haircuts, big sunglasses, bright coloured clothes and of course, millions of pairs of Havaianas) and just being here makes you want to smile and smile and smile...
Check out the blog and tomorrow, for a full update of tonight and leave us a message if you were here and want to tell us something we dont already know!
Lots of Fibbing love
Lolita and Anita

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fib tram!

Look out for the tram covered in the FIB line-up around Valencia! Its fantastic!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Havaiana mania

If you are not wearing Havaianas you're nobody!
The amazing rubber flip flop from brasil is a must for FIB! Everywear you look and everyone you look at will be donning these flip flops! Anita and I have been wearing them since Anita went to ibiza and brought back 10 pairs for everyone she knew, 3 years ago. If you can't find any before you get here, buy them at the FIB market!
Lolita x

Saturday, July 08, 2006

12 days to go!!!!

With less than 2 weeks to go, with temperatures soaring to 34ºs, less and less clothes being worn, nights of fans on full blast, air conditioning on high, it finally feels like summer!
Anita and I have been spending lazy afternoons at the beach topping up our tans so that we don't feel like danish pastries amongst all the fibers that spend their days on the beach and evenings at the festival. Not much to say today, just that we are really truly excited now!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Brighton Rocks!

Anita and I, before leaving England and setting up in Valencia, grew up in Brighton, and it seems half the FIB line - up did too!
The Kooks, the teenage boppers, were born and bred in Brighton and refuse to be classed as a particular type of band, embracing all styles of music. 19 and younger, they are extremely cool and we adore them! Their album Inside in and inside out has been a permanent feature on our ipods for a few months now. Favourite songs are Naive and She moves in her own way.
The Ordinary Boys are also Brighton boys, (read post from a few days ago). Their debut album Over the counter culture, was re-released after Preston's stint on Big Brother, and are now a nationwide known band.
Arriba Brightooon people!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hot hot hot..

Just a silly post today, as I (lolita) got seriously burnt today, just by sitting for 20 minutes in the sun having a chat with some friends about what to do after FIB, as 5 days of serious partying, and then a sudden stop, can seriously damage your health! I just thought i'd warn you, my fellow fibers, that its really really hot here! On my way to work i snapped a quick pic of the temperature dial that proudly marked 30º on the 2nd, yes, the 2nd, of july, on my V3 to send on to my green eyed babies back in the uk!
Smother yourselves in cream, i beg you! Its just not worth being sore and crab like when youve got 5 days of serious looking good and feeling great to do!