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Thursday, July 20, 2006

1st day of FIB!

Here we are, in the press tent writing to you all! Our first day here as been pretty exciting, settling into our apartment, getting sunburnt (yes you all read right, all that a few posts ago warning you all to don the sun cream and i go and get myself a crab type colouring that will last more than a few days), and now we are in the air conditioned press tent typing away to our fellow fibers (and those that wanted to come, but couldnt, teehee).
So far we have seen Aldo Linares, The Sunday Drivers and Queens of NoiZe. So far pretty good! We are dying to see our all time favourites, The Scissor Sisters who are playing on the green stage at 3am.
The vibe here is amazing, people are already a little wiffy, but smells aside, everyone looks fantastic (lots of great black bob haircuts, big sunglasses, bright coloured clothes and of course, millions of pairs of Havaianas) and just being here makes you want to smile and smile and smile...
Check out the blog and tomorrow, for a full update of tonight and leave us a message if you were here and want to tell us something we dont already know!
Lots of Fibbing love
Lolita and Anita


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