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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Festie Footie

Well we just wobbled in off our bikes - which, incidentally we have been told we can park downstairs with the motorbikes, and therefore don't have to manoevure into the lifts vertically and up 16 floors, thank god! - after tucking in to a nice plate of paella in the shade. It took us a while to find the place, but we finally made to the Press v. Artists football match at the Polideportivo de Benicassim - to see the players leave the field! I don't know what it is we do, me and Lolita, but we always get to places just to catch the end of things. I think it's taking the whole Fashionably Late concept to an entirely different level if you ask me, but as we stroll onto the pitch (okay, into the sports centre) we don't look very fashionable at all, hair stuck to our faces under our visors, sweat pouring down our backs... It's all very rock and roll but we'd love to jump in a pool right now. We queue up for some food and drink, and are impressed by the clever people who've brought their beach umbrellas to stand under as they wait in line. We sit and chat to some German journalists, one of whom reminds Lolita so much of an old friend she can't stop gaping at him and I have to tell her to pack it in before they think she's on drugs. Not that it would be surprising considering half the people in Benicassim seem to be on something.
We say our Auf Wiedersehens and pop back on to our bikes (cue series of yelps from Moi as I mount a seriously burning seat - mental note, never leave transport in direct sunlight!!) to head back to the apartment. And here we are, settling down for a little nap - it's a Big Night tonight!
Anita and Lolita


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