Anita and Lolita at FIB

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hot hot hot..

Just a silly post today, as I (lolita) got seriously burnt today, just by sitting for 20 minutes in the sun having a chat with some friends about what to do after FIB, as 5 days of serious partying, and then a sudden stop, can seriously damage your health! I just thought i'd warn you, my fellow fibers, that its really really hot here! On my way to work i snapped a quick pic of the temperature dial that proudly marked 30ยบ on the 2nd, yes, the 2nd, of july, on my V3 to send on to my green eyed babies back in the uk!
Smother yourselves in cream, i beg you! Its just not worth being sore and crab like when youve got 5 days of serious looking good and feeling great to do!


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