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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday night and we're feeling alright

Here we are, last official night of FIB and being totally knackered aside, its going to be a fantastic end to an amazing 4 days. We know we havn't been filling you all in too much but it really has been overly hectic. Tuesday afternoon you will have every minuscule detail, down to the drops of sweat dripping down Dave Gahan's smooth shirtless chest. Tonight we have Madness, Depeche mode, Placebo, Deus, We Are Scientists and many many many more in store for us, and very soon, for you too, avid readers.
Thats it for now, the party on the beach is tomorrow with Queens of Noize ( who we just had a falafel wrap with, such cuties), Miss Kittin and ChloƩ.
Lots and lots of FIB love
Lolita and Anita


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