Anita and Lolita at FIB

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bicycle Life

As you all know, the lovely boys at Orange Bikes, who you can find in the heart of El Barrio del Carmen in Calle Santa Teresa, 8, or on the web at ( or give them a ring on 96 391 7551!), sponsored our trip to FIB Benicassim and we are truly grateful. We were given Ladies' City Bikes, with big baskets and flowers on the wheels, very Corrine Bailey Rae. Uphill was a bit of a struggle (excuse the pun), but then again we are not actually the healthiest, fittest girlies, and cycling along the prom with our hair in the air and our big sunnies on, ringing our bells at all the Fiber hotties, was just pure fun.
Orange Bikes rent out all types of bicycles, from electric to mountain and kids' to racers - all the best names around and all super cheap. From 3 euros a day, what more can you ask for? And if you're looking to buy, they can also help you out, as they sell new and secondhand bikes and all the accessories you could imagine, and offer an extensive, inexpensive Repair and Cleaning service.
The friendly people at Orange Bikes speak various languages and are happy to help with just about everything and anything!
Pop in, rent a bike and take a ride round Valencia!

A week on...

Here we are, back in Valencia, still slightly weary after the 5 days of the fibbing fantastic FIB, Anita has been and come back from Ibiza looking extremely brown and not rested at all, and I'm off tomorrow with 15 friends to a house in the country with an olympic swimming pool...Oh yes, we do live the life..
Sadly, FIB is over for another 11 months and 2 weeks.. but no need to fret, we have the whole update for you, pictures included, up soon, on
FIB love to you all